Urgent vs Important – Learning to lead from leaders

Question 1:

I chose to come back to cohort21 this season because I have changed my outlook on life and how I choose to live it. For much of my teaching career I’ve been happy and satisfied but lacked a feeling of moving forward towards a particular goal. Satisfaction had always been my motivational and driving force. Doing a good job, taking care of myself and my commitments to my family had always been enough.  In the past couple of years I have found that serving others provides a much more meaningful existence. I have this internal desire to lead. Cohort21 is a room full of leaders and what better place to learn to lead than right here. I’m here to learn to lead from leaders.

Question 2: 

Leading change through wellbeing speaks to my current focus. Learning happens when students and teachers are well. My focus this season will be to enhance the mental well being of those around me. I have struggled with my own wellness in the past. I know how it feels and how difficult it is to complete simple tasks when feeling unwell. In the past few years I’ve learned strategies that have propelled me to a place and clarity I’ve never felt before, and it is wonderful. So wonderful I want to share it with everyone.   If I can support our staff and students with a tool kit of strategies, I hope to improve the lives of those around me. What is important? I need to build on my current knowledge so that I can best provide support. What is urgent? I need to be able to identify who needs help so that I can provide it or help guide where that help might come from.

3 thoughts on “Urgent vs Important – Learning to lead from leaders

  1. @bhayes We are so glad you are back for Season 12 and excited about leading from the middle and within your school. Creating an action plan that focuses on staff and student well-being is a wonderful way to leverage this community and all of the expertise found within it.

  2. Your commitment to focusing on wellbeing and its role in learning is spot on. It’s great to hear that you’ve overcome your own wellness challenges and want to share your strategies with others. Your goal of providing a toolkit of strategies for staff and students is a valuable one!

  3. @bhayes So sorry it’s taken until now to properly respond to your post. I’m excited for a year of learning and experience alongside of you. I’m so grateful for your honesty and vulnerability alluding to your own experiences that drive your action around wellness. And I can’t imagine a better position from which to lead: honesty, humility and courage. Yes, I think all of us who participate in Cohort21 are in some connected by a yearning for something more. Exploring that together this year will ensure a rich year of lasting learning and growth. I can’t wait!

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