Today is my first face 2 face session at cohort 21. I’m a teacher at Kingsway College School and teach grade 4 gym, grade 5 science and grade 6 math. So far I’ve made lots of great personal connections with several educators and am feeling really good about my decision to enrol in the cohort this year. I am looking forward to learning about design thinking and using my new skills in my classroom. This is my first blog post, up next I take on twitter.


4 thoughts on “Hello Cohort 21 !

  1. Welcome to group 2 – go Team Dongle! So glad you are feeling good about Cohort 21…it’s a journey. Let me know if you have any questions about Twitter, it’s a past time of mine.

    1. Hope you are well. I have Adrianne coming to work with my grade 5 science class this coming Friday. I will see you in a couple of weeks. Have a great sunday.

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