Cohort Members,

This is a screen shot of a Google Hangout. There are 7 of us on screen, and we are discussing Garth’s blog post

We have been busy planning and coordinating our program since our last Cohort Report in October. We have also had a very successful Google Hangout on reviewing the Cohort 21 toolkit – which you can view HERE or embedded below. And now we are approaching our second Google Hangout, and our second F2F session, so we wanted to update you on both of these events.

Nov. 14th Google Hangout:

* We are going to be hanging out with our guest blogger Dawn Imada Chan.
– The topic will be regarding her post entitled “Wanted: 21st Century Leaders” and can be found on her blog
– This hangout is currently full, but we will send out a link so that you can watch it live, and interact with us on twitter using the #C21
– It starts at 8:30PM and will run until 9:30PM
– This hangout will be archived so that you can watch it later as well.

Nov. 23rd F2F Session:

* We are excited to announce our second F2F session will take place at BSS on Saturday, Nov. 23rd.
– We will be diving into our collaboration, sharing and learning from YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS on your blogs and through our Toolkit.
– To that end, please be sure that you have at least:
* Tweeted/Retweeted from your twitter account associated with Cohort 21
* Posted on your blog about our first F2F session, or somthing that has come up since that time for you professionally
* Added or commented on an article in our Diigo group
* Joined our Google+ community

 Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you online or off 🙂

The Cohort 21 Team


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