Happy new year!  We trust you all had a restful and well deserved breaks. Can you believe we are right back into it!
On January 26th, Cohort 21 comes together again for our third f2f session this time being held at St. Clements School, starting at 9:30am. 

 In our last email you were tasked with blogging your action plan and tagging it. Hopefully your experiences from the last two sessions or from some other source of PD have sparked your interest to explore something new. If still

 looking for some inspiration and great exemplars then look no further than our new recent posts page for the newest ideas from around the cohort. If you have not yet posted not to worry as you have two weeks today to publish your ideas and tag them. Guidance on what to post can be found here and a tutorial from Garth on how to tag your posts can be found here.
The structure for this third face 2 face session will be a little different. It will still contain some brain buzzing videos and feature some innovative new tools but the main focus will be around exploring and refining your action plans. It is our hope that you will walk away from the session with your thinking challenged, your action plan refined and a small support network of Cohort21 members who know your plan and will help you with it.
Goals of the upcoming session:
* To be able to articulate, share and get feedback on your action plans.
* To find cohort members that share similar topics/areas of exploration and read, comment and push your action plan forward.
* Leave with a clear idea of your next steps, implementation and final presentation of your action plan.

To do list:
1) In order to accomplish these goals, every Cohort21 member must blog or update their action plans and link to any research or findings by January 21st.2) Apply the “Action Plan” Tag and Category to the relevants posts. Click here to review the “how to tag video”

3) Take a moment to comment on some of the great and already posted plans. Celeste, Marcie, Derek, Garth.

4) If you cannot attend, please let us know immediately.
Looking forward to seeing you on the 26th!
Justin and Garth

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