Thanks to St. Clements for a hosting us so graciously – you’ve showcased your school well, and the disposition your school has towards opening up what learning and education means in the 21st century.

It was great to see the energy in the room, building off of a busy new year, and getting back into the head space of innovation and challenging what your teaching, classroom and school looks like… Justin and I are always impressed with the level of commitment, collaboration and willingness you demonstrate and bring to each session. Thank you.

A few things to emphasize as we look ahead to our final Face2Face session in April:
1) You are not meant to come up with a ‘conclusion’, or an ‘end’ to your action plan.
* this session is focused on understanding your journey, and where you are on that journey
* the intent is that you will present how you have grown your students’ learning, and your own learning
* the hope is that you are going to see where you action plan will take you next year, and how you will continue to grow as a lead teacher
* this session is a chance to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in!

2) Use the resources to your advantage.
There was a lot of sharing happening today, and a lot of support for you given by your cohort peers, and we want to keep this going
* stay up on twitter, and actively engage @cohort21
* set up a schedule to blog, and to comment on the blogs of others
* consider some of the technology and applications we used as a way for you to present your findings in April

3) Don’t do it alone…
* stay in touch with Justin and I to ask questions, help with next steps, and battling the “I just have too much to do…” syndrom
* don’t leave this to the last minute because we’ve come to far to cram for this last session

Thanks for a great day of ideas, sharing and innovation. One of my big take-aways is from Jen Bibby and Derek Doucet who are quickly discovering that their work on innovating in the French language classroom is cutting edge stuff, and that they will soon be seen as leaders in French language innovation!


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