The rush of back to school hits everyone differently: the excitement of being new, or welcoming new staff, as well as the demands of setting up classes, course syllabi, and the other myriad demands that are required of teachers. So why consider professional development, specifically becoming a member of Cohort 21, now?

It’s Energizing: Cohort 21 can connect you with like-minded, highly motivated teachers from across the CIS Ontario who experience the demands of independent schools. Being a member of Cohort21 is a space for you to explore, network and innovate in your classroom. And if you’re anything like us, this is where you get your energy and motivation: positive, professional development directed to enhance student learning.

It Models 21st Century Possibilities: Cohort 21 will be a blended learning experience: structured around 4 face-to-face sessions, with online blogging and tasks in between. The first face-to-face will explore what it means to be an educator in the 21st century, as well as setting up the tools you’ll need to network throughout the year with your fellow members (Gmail, Twitter, Diigo, and your own personal Cohort 21 blog). There is a strong organic element to this approach, which we believe will model what learning can be like for our students. You and other members of the Cohort will guide the content and direction of the other sessions.

In between these face-to-face sessions, you will be reading, blogging and commenting on the work of others in the Cohort, and likewise, others will be supporting and commenting on your work.

It’s Personalized: It is through these sessions that you’ll explore what interests you about what, where and when education can be in the future. Some topics could include the role of Twitter in the classroom, or how to make your school more inclusive in its community and curriculum. As the year progresses, you’ll be researching and applying these ideas to your own school community and classroom.

Whether you are a Primary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior teacher, or whether or not you teach Maths, Language Arts, or History, you can contribute and learn in this rich and dynamic professional development experience.

Consider becoming a member of the Cohort now, and take the time to enrich your educational experience both for you, and your students.

Happy September,

The Facilitators.

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