Reflecting on Action Plan

I am looking forward sharing our Action Plans in our final face-to-face this Friday. This link includes a summary and reflection of my Action Plan:

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  1. Hey Alexia,

    Thanks for putting together your final thoughts and reflections on this action plan.

    I really am excited about picking your brain more on Friday, as this is an idea I’ve been tinkering around with in English for quite some time now. Specifically, I’m wondering if you had the students generate what they thought the FAQ was or if you created this list for the students.

    Did you create a bank of these videos? Where did you store them for your students? And did you ever refer back to them for student support (I’m thinking you could link to them for extra help sessions or to explain an idea more fully in a piece of evaluation).

    Just some thoughts and questions to mull over until our final session. Thanks again for sharing your learning.

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