Learning inside and outside the classroom

Coming back from the holidays, student attendance has been extremely inconsistent in my mathematics courses. On any given day, I have up to 25% of my students away on: extended holiday, sporting events, appointments, and sick leave. While most course material and resources are posted on the course website, students do not fully benefit from the learning activities unless they are physically in class.

As part of my Cohort21 action plan, I want to experiment with additional ways to setup the course that allow for all students to have access to learning whether they are inside or outside the classroom. I want students to take part in this setup and make decisions on how they would like to consume the course.

As a first step in my action plan, I have tasked one of my grade nine classes with creating an Analytic Geometry video tutorial library. Once this library is complete, classmates can search through 30sec student generated videos that address their most FA(math)Q remotely.

I guess you can call this a flipped pǝddilℲ learning activity.

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  1. Hi Alexia,
    Thanks for this post. Your action plan sounds like it will be really practical, and also very important. It is a new spin on the “flip” in that it will be the students who are generating the material for others.

    With technology being so accessible, you could get students to record their thoughts and actions and post them for those that are not in the class on that day. This way, it reinforces the student learning, you can give them immediate feedback, and it provides a resource for students that are away. Whew!

    I look forward to hearing more about this,

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