on my mind……….

what’s on my mind……..

I just returned from my weekly Friday evening meeting. For the past few months, we have been consulting with government officials and academics, preparing a TED talk, securing sponsors, generating cost analysis reports, outlining a marketing strategy, designing an autoCAD prototype, constructing a website, patent searching, and developing robot design specs.

No, I do not work for an R&D startup, nor do I work for a multinational technology and consulting corporation. Instead, I coach five 9-13 year old robotics students who are competing in two weeks at the Regional FLL Tournament. These students have the unique opportunity to taste authentic learning experiences within the field of science and technology; a glimpse into the world of innovation, design, and production. This professional exposure is invaluable in the educational development of these young individuals.

Can authentic professional learning opportunities be replicated from inside the exclusive robotics team into the classroom?…………….this is what’s on my mind.

friday meeting