Everything is the Best!

Everything is The Best!

When balance leads to connections.
When balance leads to connections.

September 2016 brought the most beautiful weather and the busiest school year start-up in recent memory. A lot of change is underway as always, and I feel incredibly optimistic about it. I feel like everything is the best!

This post is not an exposition of ecstatic joy, a telling of the year-to-date through the lens of the LEGO Movie’s “Everything is Awesome”. Though the year is off to a positive start, many projects do need quite a bit of work. But as a person informed heavily by my intuition, and as pattern seeker, I’m noticing something I think it worth blogging about, and maybe pulling on this thread will lead to noticing a thing of substance.

It seems that a tide of Liberal Arts is coming back to wash aside the trend of STE{A)M, and I have to admit I’m excited about that.

Some research into the term Liberal Arts reveals its origin as Continue reading “Everything is the Best!”