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Personalize and Project Based Learning…A Plan in Action

Alright, so personalize learning and project based learning (A great article) isn’t all that new.  However, if you were one of the many who sat through high school and university biology lectures (you know, the ones you jolt awake from), then … Continue reading

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Twitter chats, Storify, and PLCs in the classroom

Twitter and Storify – Enhancing and Archiving for Learning The power of sharing in an isolated event such as a Twitter chat can be a motivating, collaborative, and unique way to stimulate the minds of our students.  A couple weeks … Continue reading

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A Paperless Unit – Stewardship Through Technology

The idea of going paperless, though not a new one, came to us in a collaborative meeting the grade 10 science team had today after school.  For years, we have struggled to really make the Climate Change unit cohesive, fluid, and interactive. … Continue reading

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Are you an Edtechaholic?

It’s interesting, today began with a presentation to colleagues regarding the use of Google Classroom, Doctopus, and Goobric, a class where the students used portable white boards to teach each other mini lessons on chemical nomenclature, and then I spent the … Continue reading

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Google Classroom, Doctopus, and Goobric

Ever since our school began pushing Google Docs while becoming a GAFE affiliated schools, it has been hard to find an efficient way to organize and manage student assignments within Google Docs. Truth be told, I struggle often with material management … Continue reading

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Some highlights from #SatChat – August 23, 2014

Some great conversation today via #SatChat.  Here are a few resources and highlights that I was able to pick out.  Enjoy!   #satchat A1: collaborative inquiry where all planning & action serves to better learning/outcomes for T's/S's — Jon … Continue reading

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What online tools are teachers using?

I asked this questions a few months ago to others on staff and received many great resources and tools. It’s only fair that I share what my colleagues and myself use and in what fashion.  I have used nearly all of them … Continue reading

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