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The importance of ‘Experience’ and ‘Self’ in Global Learning.

A couple months ago, I spent a few days in the woods north of Bancroft, Ontario. It was a frigid -30C with windchill values hitting -46C, but this is part of life when entering the Canadian wilderness in January, and ultimately … Continue reading

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Student Leadership: Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment

Three years ago, I got the chance to start working in our newly formed program called Leadership, Character, and Values (LCV). Aimed at building leadership from grade 9 through to grade 12, it focuses on scaffolding successful leadership skills as … Continue reading

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Assessment – A Never Ending Journey

Learning really never ends, eh?  Cohort 21 has provided me with yet another chance to think, re-evaluate, and implement new practices in teaching.  Working alongside some fantastic facilitators and coaches, and with a new cohort of educational thinkers and tinkerers, … Continue reading

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How do you approach dilemmas in your class/school?

Last year, I spent much time figuring out the intricacies of applying project based learning in my grade 12 biology class.  I shifted to teaching grade 11 biology this year and quickly realized upon reflecting from my experience last year, … Continue reading

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Clearing the fog: Taking a closer look at Assessment and Feedback

When I think back to my years in high school, I remember essays, tests, pop quizzes, and the occasional assignment. Aside from the projects and labs that we did in Physics and Chemistry, rarely was I asked to design my … Continue reading

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It All Comes Down to Feedback – PBL and Personlized Learning in Biology

I am going to own up to the fact that sometimes I find it very difficult to give structured and critical feedback.  Throughout my career, I have found that the varying expectations of myself as a teacher from both students and admin have … Continue reading

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Personalize and Project Based Learning…A Plan in Action

Alright, so personalize learning and project based learning (A great article) isn’t all that new.  However, if you were one of the many who sat through high school and university biology lectures (you know, the ones you jolt awake from), then … Continue reading

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Twitter chats, Storify, and PLCs in the classroom

Twitter and Storify – Enhancing and Archiving for Learning The power of sharing in an isolated event such as a Twitter chat can be a motivating, collaborative, and unique way to stimulate the minds of our students.  A couple weeks … Continue reading

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Growth Mindset – Birth to Death, and Reincarnation

I always wonder if the Growth Mindset is one born innately or one nurtured through years of situational experiences that push your comfort zone.  For me,  various things have lead to the development and need to have a growth mindset … Continue reading

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A Paperless Unit – Stewardship Through Technology

The idea of going paperless, though not a new one, came to us in a collaborative meeting the grade 10 science team had today after school.  For years, we have struggled to really make the Climate Change unit cohesive, fluid, and interactive. … Continue reading

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