Math assessment

42. Evidence collection in the pandemic math classroom

How can math teachers most effectively collect learning evidence during this pandemic? Today we have a satellite round table with five incredible math teachers. I’m your host, Celeste Kirsh, and we are teaching tomorrow. 

In light of this ol’ pandemic that we are rounding one year of teaching through, Justin Medved gathered an array of powerful, thoughtful, and brave math teachers to discuss how they are collecting evidence and observations because, as we know, virtual testing is not quite a reliable measurement of what a student knows or understands. Teachers are needing to rethink, reimagine, and even relinquish their ideas of what math should look like in light of this new paradigm of teaching. 

In this conversation, you will hear from:

  • Justin Medved Director of Learning, Innovation and Technology at The York School.
  • Jennifer Gravel, Senior School Math teacher at Holy Trinity School
  • Holly Jepson Middle & Senior School Math at The Country Day School
  • Esther Lee Middle School Math teacher at Crestwood School
  • Fabio Biagiarelli Middle Years Programme Coordinator at The York School
  • Michael Moore Middle & Senior School Math teacher at Hillfield Strathallan College
  • Robin Johannsen  Math Department Chair  and Senior School MAth teacher  – The York School

All of these educators have important insights and strategies to share about how to make math learning fair, equitable, and best support student growth during this time. So let’s get to it!