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25. Growing up trans with Kai Cheng Thom

How might schools support trans students to ensure that all young people can reach their fullest potential? Today Kai Cheng Thom...

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24. Teachers who run (a mini-series) with Tim Somerville

Welcome to the second episode in the teachers who run mini-series. Today I talk to Tim Somerville about  the many surprising...

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23. Intuitive classroom management strategies with Chris Russell

It’s kind of like a hockey arena: you have the boards set up so they can skate around the rink and...

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22. On being curious with young people with Courtney Harris

How might we create more space for grace, curiosity, and exploration in our work with young people? Today, I am joined...

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21. Collaborative Inquiry with Moses Velasco

How can teachers, and teams of teachers, have more agency when determining the direction of their own professional learning? Today on...

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20. Teachers who run (a mini-series) with Keila Merino

Okay, I get that this sounds like the set up for a corny joke, but what does teaching and running long...

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S1: Featured Guests

Season One has welcomed several incredible voices to our podcast. Get excited for the upcoming episodes with these transformative thinkers in the edu-sphere.


Patti MacDonald

CAIS Executive Director

Rosetta Lee

Seattle Girls School Diversity Outreach Specialist
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Dr. Kathleen Gallagher

Drama and Education Researcher