46. Seeing your own potential as a leader with Diane Brown

How might hopeful school leaders become the leader they want to be? Today I talk to elementary school principal Diane Brown about leadership in times of crisis. 

If you have been listening to the show for some time, you will recognize Diane from episode 31: Should I send my child to JK? Diane is my neighbour, but at this point she is much more than that: she is a friend, a role model, a celebrity figure in my 4 year old’s life, one of my dog’s favourite humans, and a mentor to me. In this show we actually talk quite a bit about mentorship and how important it is to be a mentor for others, and inspired by Brene Brown we talk about what needs to change about leadership to address the shifting educational landscape as well as different ways to hold power in schools.

Diane is a gift in my life and so I’m glad to share this conversation with you.

Things We Talked About in the Show:

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