45. Calm school resources with Christi-an and Nat Slomka

How might teachers use mindfulness as a tool for developing resilience? Today on the show I am joined by sisters Christi-an and Natalie Slomka speaking about the school resources developed by Calm.

Let’s be real: this has been the most difficult year in our profession. In Ontario, we have just been told that the rest point of March break has been delayed by a month, we are just heading back into school or freshly returned, and we are not good. As a profession, we are raw, we are vulnerable, and we are tired. 

That is why I reached out to Christi-an and Natalie Slomka: Christi-an helped to develop the school resources with the Calm app and Natalie, a teacher with the Toronto District School Board, is actively using these mindfulness strategies with her students. 

In this conversation, we talk about the need for practicing mindfulness in an oppressive system, how to make your mindfulness practice trauma informed, how you can turn almost anything into a meditation, and resilience. We talk about developing capital R resilience: in our students and in ourselves and how this might just be what we really need to be focusing more on right now.

I also just want to add that this show is not sponsored by Calm–I really like their app and I personally am using it right now, but they did not actually fund this conversation. 

I really adored getting to share in the sister love between these two and I know you will too. 

Things We Mentioned In This Conversation:



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