When was the last time you learned something new and how long did it take you to understand that thing? Today on the show we are talking competency based learning with Sara Tahir.

I found Sara and her writing about competency based learning, or CBL, after I did a course this summer with Global Online Academy where Sara is the associate director of professional learning. In this conversation we discuss Global Online Academy and the professional learning needs they are addressing in the pandemic, we talk about the differences between how school works and how learning works, and get into the nitty gritty of CBL and how to use it in your classroom. 

Listen, realistically you are likely not in a place to overhaul your course, your next unit, or even your next week in the classroom. So listen to this conversation not with the lens of “you are not doing it right–this is the right way to do it” but as a possibility for what learning could look like in your classroom. Perhaps after a good, long relaxing march break or summer, you might remember some of these ideas and play around a little in your own context.

I so loved getting to talk to Sara and how we might make the learning in our classroom reflect more how learning looks in the world outside the classroom. So let’s get to it. Click the Soundcloud link to listen to the episode! 

Things We Mentioned In The Show:

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