43. The impossible promise of online learning with Beyhan Farhadi

How might teachers use their powers of professional judgement as tools for change? Today I am joined by Dr Beyhan Farhadi speaking about the challenges with online learning.

Well before the pandemic, Dr. Farhadi was studying the Ontario government’s mandated online learning for secondary students and the systemic inequities that this mode of learning deepens. Well now that everyone is much more personally acquainted with virtual learning, Beyhan’s expertise is very (very) appreciated and needed at this time. 

In this conversation, we get into the obvious and the not-so obvious challenges that learning in this way brings up, how teachers can use their powers to disrupt and resist practices and policies that harm their students, and also how she is coping as a parent of two school-aged children.

It is clear that as an educational community, we are going to be dealing with the repercussions of this pandemic well into the future and Beyhan’s research and perspective give us all important considerations for how we might process and rebuild when we can step into the next chapter of school. 

I think you will find this conversation affirming, eye opening, moving, and–I hope–a call to action for the sake of our students. Please welcome Dr. Beyhan Farhadi to the podcast by clicking on the link above and giving it a listen! 

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