36. We GET TO teach during a pandemic with Dr. Kristen Clarke

How might we rethink teaching during the pandemic from a place of “have to” towards “get to”? This episode features a  conversation with Dr Kristen Clarke.

Dr. Kristen Clarke is the Dean of Teaching and Learning at The Bishop Strachan School. She also happens to be one of the best people I know to answer all kinds of questions related to pandemic pedagogy. Some listeners sent in questions and Dr. Clarke does not disappoint: her responses are thoughtful, powerful, and not always what you would expect. For example, I loved her thinking behind why it’s good to have your teenage students make fun of you sometimes. Keep listening for that little nugget. We also get into talking about how to build connections when not everyone is in the same space (and when they are, we are likely masked, six feet apart, and behind screens), what we can do to have courageous conversations about anti-racism now, and how universal design for learning might just be one of the best pandemic pedagogy tools for this time. 

There is so much gold in this episode so I won’t keep you from it any longer. Click the link above to start listening! 

Stuff and Things Mentioned In This Show:

Katie Novak and Universal Design for Learning
National School Reform Faculty protocols
Gloria Ladson-Billings
John Spencer “Empower”

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