35. Iconic moment with Grant Lichtman

Do you know your school’s North Star? Today on the podcast we have a very special episode: Garth and Justin in conversation with Grant Lichtman. Today, I’m just serving up this interview–but as always we are teaching tomorrow.


If you have not yet had the opportunity of reading Grant’s work or hearing him speak, I’m so excited that you will discover his work here. He is a thought leader in the world of education and author of the books #EdJourney, Moving the Rock, and Thrive. Garth Nichols and Justin Medved teamed up with Grant for their Strategic Change Accelerator and they have brought him back into the Cohort 21 orbit to speak about the three key strands of our cohort learning this year: pandemic pedagogy, leading through crisis, and what we have now started calling “JEDI” (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion). 

Grant touches on so many powerful ideas in this conversation that I think you will want to have a pen and paper handy to jot down some ideas to loop back to later. One of the most impactful for me was the idea of knowing your school’s North Star, which is not the same thing as the mission statement. And here’s the thing: our North Stars need to include discomfort! Keep listening to unpack this with Grant. 

I also really loved how Grant spoke about situational leadership: many of you are classroom teachers and thinking about this proposition of how you can take on leadership in your own context is powerful, manageable, and transformative. 

This is a longer episode than normal because I just didn’t want to edit anything out…it was that good. Let’s get right into it…click on the Soundcloud link to take you to Garth, Justin, and Grant. 

Things Mentioned in the Show:

Grant’s Website
Grant on Twitter

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