How do our identities as people shape who we are as teachers? Today, I talk with Dr. Winifred Hunsburger about how to discover new perspectives in these times of great upheaval.


Dr. Hunsburger is fresh into a new chapter of her life–retirement! I wanted to capture some of Winifred’s thinking about what teachers can think about to help navigate these ridiculous times, because I won’t have her down the hall from me when I return to the classroom. For the past 10 years, I would often be in Winifred’s office either getting her opinion on something, trying to work through a teaching dilemma, or just talking about life. In so many ways, I have felt like Winifred was my “school mom”, and not just because of our ages, but also because Winifred is one of the most caring, loving, and thoughtful people I’m blessed to have in my life. 

In our conversation, Winifred explains why she loves snow storms and how this relates to our present tense in education right now. After hearing her explanation, your thinking about the purpose of storms might never be the same. 


I’m equally excited and honoured to welcome Dr Winifred Hunsburger to the show. Let’s jump right in by clicking the Soundcloud link above. 

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