33. The future we go back to with Justin Medved and Garth Nichols

How might we reimagine the future of education that is currently under construction? Today I am joined by the powerful tag team of Justin Medved and Garth Nichols, co-founders of Cohort 21.

I love getting to talk with Garth and Justin. After every conversation I have with them, I’m left feeling inspired, motivated, and excited to be in the field of education. I wanted to bring these masterminds on the show today to process the changes they have made to the Cohort 21 experience, but also to give us all a dose of what we can be hopeful about in regards to the massive upheaval we are all taking part in. 

In our conversation, we touch on how putting yourself in front of really good questions is essential teacher learning, why there is no “going back”, and what gets them through those really hard days. 

I’m so grateful to welcome these two friends back to the podcast.


Things Mentioned in this Episode:

1 thought on “33. The future we go back to with Justin Medved and Garth Nichols

  1. Celeste, @jmedved and @gnichols, what a great episode! To be honest, I’m really starting to feel the isolating consequences of the pandemic. More than ever, I’m relying on the collective for support, within and across schools. Cohort 21 has really set us up for success this year by providing access to and engagement with an incredible network of teachers for that support and guidance. Truly, the future we go back to!

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