32. The gifts of right now (a solo episode)

I don’t typically do episodes without a guest. There is something comforting about getting to have another “expert” on the show and to let their thinking, understanding, and knowledge push the show forward. But in the spirit of doing things that are hard and uncomfortable (which is what we are all doing in education right now with this freaking pandemic), I am putting myself out there and sharing with you this solo episode. It’s just me reflecting on what’s happening in education right now. If this isn’t your jam, fear not, the regular format of the show will be back for the next episode.

I’m also trying something out, which Justin Medved has inspired me with, which is doing this episode in one take. So it’s imperfect, the sound quality is a little iffy, and I include a few too many exhausted sighs (and you can kind of hear my baby at the end…this was recorded during one of his naps). But that’s where we are all existing (or should be existing): the space of the imperfect one take. We are so beyond trying to get it “just right”.

Hope you get something out of this one. Leave a comment or reach out on the socials to have a dialogue.

Resources I Mention in This One:

Brene Brown and Glennon Doyle (talking about calm spreaders vs. fear mongers)
Andrea Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Work Week Club
Jodi Rice’s episode where we talk about “done is better than perfect”
The episode where I mull over whether to send my child to JK with my wife (and Chris McKenna shows up here too)


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