37. Leading through times of crisis with Dr. Angela Terpstra

How might leaders in education not let the crisis of this pandemic go to waste? Today on the show, I have the privilege of speaking to Dr Angela Terpstra, head of The Bishop Strachan School.

When I think of transformative leaders, Dr Angela Terpstra has been at the top of my list for as long as I have known her. After speaking with her for this interview, I had about 50,000 other questions come into my head and little foot trails that I wanted to follow her around on, but I really tried to focus this conversation specifically on leading through crisis. I think so many of us are grappling with this now. Whether you hold a formal or informal leadership role in your school, you are going to really benefit from hearing Dr Terpstra’s perspective on how she has been guiding her school through these times. You are without a doubt going to notice a leadership approach that centres on vulnerability, courage, and collaboration. Also, you might be surprised to hear her unconventional take on self-care, so keep listening for that. 

Dr Terpstra could certainly lead a leadership master class, so let’s pull up a chair, grab our notebooks, and click on the link to get started.

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