Month: July 2019

19. Applying to and interviewing for jobs in education with Barb McLean

What is the one thing that you should never be afraid to say in a job interview? Today Barb McLean sits down to talk to me about the business of school.

Barb McLean is a legend in my books. For many years she has served The Bishop Strachan School as the assistant head of Human Resources and professional growth––which basically means that she is responsible for all of the “adult issues” in the building.

I have wanted to sit down with Barb since I started this podcast. I am so happy that Barb took the time to chat and let me  tap into her well spring of knowledge on the experience of applying for and interviewing for jobs in education before she began her retirement the very next day. They very fact that she was happy to record an episode while I’m sure she had so many other things to finish up is a clear testament to how much she values people, this profession, and continual  learning.

I so loved this conversation. We talked about how to make a resume and cover letter stand out, how can make a cover letter work for you, some crucial interview do’s and don’ts, as well as some key reflections Barb has had about diversity, equity, and inclusion in her profession.

The first time I met Barb, I was interviewing for a position at BSS and I instantly knew that I wanted to learn all that I could from this woman. Today, I am so excited to share a few kernels of wisdom from my chat with Barb McLean.

I hope you got something valuable out of this conversation and experienced first hand the deep wisdom, impressive institutional knowledge, and commitment to excellence that Barb has brought to her career.

If you enjoyed this episode, reach out on twitter @teach_tomorrow on Instagram @teaching_tomorrow and let me know what resonated with you. The hardest part of the podcast medium is that there is very little way for you as an audience to engage, so come out from under your headphones and please say hello!

That’s all the time we have for today, folks. Get out there and go be the passionate learner you are, and remember we are teaching tomorrow.

18. Everyone belonging at school through diversity, equity, and inclusion learning with Rosetta Lee

How can we create spaces in our school communities where everyone feels like they belong? Today on the podcast, I talk to Rosetta Lee, a professional outreach specialist and middle school educator at Seattle Girls’ School.

Rosetta Lee is a force within the world of education. I was first introduced to her work when she came to my school to talk about microaggressions and affinity groups and loved her vulnerable and hilarious presentation style. I so appreciated getting to sit down with Rosetta for this interview and talk to her about these topics that I feel so passionately about and hear her mic drop worthy wisdom first-hand.

In this conversation, we talk about affinity groups and how to overcome some of the barriers that may exist to getting these brave spaces off the ground in your school. Rosetta offers so many practical tips and considerations for diversity, equity, and inclusion work that I wouldn’t be surprised if we need to invite her to come back once you have had some time to digest and experiment with some of these ideas in your own school context.

Enough intro already, go and listen to my talk with Rosetta!

You know how I ask almost everyone on the show who their favourite edu-celebrity is, well Rosetta is definitely one of mine! I think that might one of the best parts about this podcast adventure: having one and one conversations with people that I truly admire.

If you were touched or inspired by something you heard today, please share the podcast with someone that you think would like it. That’s how we grow and get into the hearts and ears of more teachers.

Until next time, we are teaching tomorrow. And here are some of the links to things that were mentioned in our talk: