Month: April 2019

16. Librarians as gateways of information with Laura Mustard

How can school librarians work to move away from being gatekeepers and towards being gateways to information? Today I am joined by the brilliant Laura Mustard and we discuss this question.

Laura Mustard has been a coach with Cohort 21 for a few years now, but more relevantly, she is the librarian at St Clements School in Toronto. One of my favourite things is to talk to Laura about what books my students should be reading, how to instil a love of reading in young people, and what innovative projects she is developing in her space.

In our conversation, we talk about the privilege that librarians have to not only watch students grow up through literature, but also the profound role that she plays as being an adult that doesn’t grade children. This unique position allows Laura to help students engage with learning for the sake of learning, which is really what all of us hope for with our students.

Laura and I chatted in her house and her adorable cats also wanted to make an appearance on the podcast, so if you hear some cute little mewing in the background, you can just picture them crawling all over us while we were trying to sound composed.

This conversation is totally worth checking out, so let’s book it and get circulating. Those are all my library puns out of the way, click the link above for my talk with Laura Mustard.


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