8. Teaching Mindfulness with Matt Badali

You likely already know that helping your students grow into resilient adults is of the utmost importance, but is mindfulness the way?

I know Matt as a fellow teacher with me at The Bishop Strachan School, but I knew I had to interview him for this podcast when I heard through our school’s grapevine about the mindfulness practice he does with his grade 2 students. Ya. You heard right. Matt teaches people as young as 7 and 8 how to pay attention to their breath, develop emotional intelligence, and “unruffle their feathers”…all while also teaching them things like, oh you know, math and science and literacy. No biggie.

I so enjoyed my chat with Matt and felt so inspired to just start, literally tomorrow, with some of these very ancient and very accessible practices that ANYONE can do.

I had some minor microphone challenges with this episode and so you can hear Matt perfectly, but my voice is a little harder to hear. I thought the content was good enough to make up for this issue and I think you will  agree.

Without any further adieu, click on the link above to get listening to my conversation with Matt Badali.   

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  1. My heart just grew a little too Celeste and Matt, after listening to this podcast! When I returned to work as a Grade 2 teacher after suffering a concussion two months prior, I started to implement mindful minutes as a way to deal with my ‘new normal’. What I quickly discovered was that the mindful moments were not just a way for me to cope, they were benefiting my little learners too. By implementing mindfulness practice into our classroom; space is freed up in our minds for new learning, our bodies are calm and we take time to sit and ‘just be’ free of judgment. We are kind to ourselves and others, we set intentions, we are grateful and empathetic AND we are learning about, and practicing, a tool/strategy/technique that will help us all navigate through our days better. Regardless of age and whether we are teachers or students, we all benefit. What started out as a way for ME to cope, turned into a way that WE could thrive. I can’t imagine our classroom without now. With the increase of anxiety and mental health challenges in our students, we all need a full toolbox. Thank you so much for sharing!

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