3. Decentering whiteness in the English classroom with Meg Goldner Rabinowitz

How can English teachers move beyond merely diversifying their reading list and actually “decenter” whiteness in their pedagogy? Today on the show, Meg Goldner Rabinowitz joins me to talk about identity and literature. 

Meg Goldner Rabinowitz is an educator who works towards social justice in all she does. I invited her on the podcast today to share with you her work on changing the way we see teaching in the English classroom. This talk with Meg basically gave me the inspiration to rethink my first unit of Grade 8 English! She provides so many practical, concrete, and manageable ways to implement anti-oppressive practices in our teaching, so I am so thrilled to get to share her with you today. I know you are going to get so much out of this episode so I won’t take up any more airtime!

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