4. The public purpose of independent schools with Danielle Passno

How can elite, historically privileged, and cost restrictive independent schools be used for the greater good of society? Today on our show Danielle Passno and I chew on this tasty thought morsel.  


Danielle Passno is the Head of The Middle School at The Browning School in New York City and was formerly the head of outreach and public purpose at The Spence School. She is an educator who, in her words, has a crazy high growth mindset, and never stops challenging herself to new levels of excellence. In our conversation, we talk about the potential that Independent Schools have to create a more fair and equitable world and her progressive vision for service learning in schools.


While Danielle will be the one running the school next year at Browning, she will also keep one foot in the world of teaching, so of course we talked about how she teaches with Mathematical Habits of Mind at the centre of her pedagogy and what she does to have students use math to change the way they see themselves as agents in their world.


It is rare to get to know someone with the level of passion and enthusiasm for teaching as Danielle, so I am so excited to have you get to know her a little more through this episode and adore her the way that I do. There are a boatload of show notes on this one, as Danielle names and lists a number of awesome articles, resources, and programs that you most certainly should check those out if something piqued your interest.

Discussed Resources:

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