Month: April 2015

Growth is always happening


It’s hard to believe that another year of Cohort has come to a close…but I’m not even close to being done my¬†journey of growth. That’s the thing about growth; it is always just there.

I tried to make my summary of learning a touch shorter, but I just had too much to say and share. The video above summarizes my action plan findings for 2015. Enjoy!

The first few steps towards awesome: teachers showing their growth mindsets


Amidst my journey of trying inspire my students to get closer to having a growth mindset, it actually didn’t even occur to me that it is also valuable to help inspire my fellow teachers to join in on the growth mindset bandwagon.

The last project tuning protocol on April 2nd, while it wasn’t geared towards growth mindset intentionally, it was actually all about growth mindsets at the end of the day.

Beth Nichols shared her action plan and her current progress. It was obvious to me that Beth is a teacher who embodies the very essence of growth: being open to feedback and being so excited to get better, change, and improve was what was fuelling Beth!

But then it was also the other participants that blew me away. Being surprised by how much they took away for their own practices is always a happy side-effect of participating in a protocol. Brent Hurley said something to tune of: I was tired and hesitant to participate, but I’m so happy I did…I learned so much. I’m paraphrasing (watch the vid to get the actual quote) here, but the general run down is that watching people be so excited to learn was like a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes you have be vulnerable to take that first step towards growth! Thank goodness we have such great, supportive fellow Cohortees around to help hold hands during those shaky steps towards awesome.