2014 Final Reflection


Initially, at the start of the year, I thought that I would focus on a “21st century novel study”. This is what I tweeted out on the 24th of January:


And then I started to consider where the areas of strength and challenges were with my class’s study of The Book Thief: some aspects of this novel study were fantastic and some needed some tweaking.

So I decided to embrace my own growth mindset and set out to explore how I could re-design my assessments to consider 21st century learning skills, especially those key ingredients I uncovered through my learning with High Tech High and the Deeper Learning MOOC.

All of my key “a ha” moments and lingering wonders are in the video above…so pour yourself a mug of tea and cozy up for a 10 minute journey through my reflections on this year of learning.

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Passionate and curious about technology, smiles, special education, differentiated instruction, forests, graphic novels, accessibility, anti-oppression, and warm beverages. Can often be found laughing with young people and improvising songs on the spot. @teach_tomorrow

3 comments on 2014 Final Reflection

  1. Domenica Michela says:

    Fantastic journey, Celeste! Exceptional synopsis of your Cohort21 2014 experience! Your questions will definitely raise some interesting discussion amongst the group. Continued success in your future endeavours!

  2. Celeste,

    Love the idea of the learning MOOC’s and it’s something that I need to participate in as I move forward in my learning. Thanks for sharing your novel study. The template was great and the authentic audience (and cross curricular approach) part really sticks with me. It’s something that I need to incorporate in my science classes. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to chatting on Friday!


    1. Hey Tim,

      Yes, the MOOC was extraordinary and really solidified many of the Cohort ideas, but for me is was awesome that so much of the content was laid out and I could sample it at my own timing and pacing. High Tech High has some really innovative and interesting programs…definitely go and professionally stalk them. It will be well worth your time.

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