Other people are saying it too

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This article, about the assessment of deeper learning, helps to put a few key ideas into context that connect to my action plan. Namely…

– Students benefit from having a say in how they are assessed
– The right feedback at the right time is essential
– Reflecting at the end of a learning experience can help students tie together their understanding

As my “Deeper Learning Assessment Planner” is still under construction (and maybe it should always be?), I’m finding it affirming to know that I’m not alone in seeing some of these elements as essential for meaningful project-based learning.

Now onto my final F2F presentation design. I think I’m going to explore¬†http://www.sparkol.com/ to put together my thoughts for the world. Anyone use this tool before?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is wonderful that many more people are seeing these elements as essential. That means that you are succeeding in changing education for the 21st century!

  2. Celeste,

    I used Sparkol to make the intro bumper to the Cohort 21 video. I is a great tool but it takes TONS of planning to make a really good one. Super fun though.

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