And Action: My next amazing steps

My immediate next steps: – Reading through all of the resources supplied by Garth on personalized learning. – Research different examples of ‘redefined’ projects in English. – Post plan for personalized novel study (as it is unveiled to the class) for feedback (from Cohortees and students) – Speak to my mentors about presenting options / […]

Student Centred: (appropriately challenging + vigorous)

Reading Note: I posted this image in an earlier post, as a framework for how I understand 21st Century Learning: three distinct categories with many different concepts, beliefs, and practices housed in each one. My explanation of the “Pre-Reading” part of “The Book Thief” study relates to the “student centred” section and the “appropriately challenging […]

Stepping back to move forward

I’m struggling right now with finding that delicate balance between designing my learning experience with my own personal outcomes in mind and outcomes that will benefit the community surrounding me. Let me explain. At a recent English department meeting, small teams of teachers were looking at various “scope and sequences” of English from grades 7-12. […]