And Action: My next amazing steps

My immediate next steps:
– Reading through all of the resources supplied by Garth on personalized learning.
– Research different examples of ‘redefined’ projects in English.
– Post plan for personalized novel study (as it is unveiled to the class) for feedback (from Cohortees and students)
– Speak to my mentors about presenting options / opportunties

Sharing my findings:
I would like to present the possibilities for redefined projects to both my English department and my Middle School team.
– In the spirit of personalized learning, it would be amazing to design a personalized workshop / lunch and learn / immersion experience for fellow teachers (at a PD day, English department meeting, Investigations and Expressions day?) on how a personalized learning experience could take shape in an English class.
– I would like to investigate writing about this experience for an outside publications (Educational Leadership? Edutopia? Our Kids?)

– What findings / aha moments / insights would be most beneficial to share with fellow teachers?
– How could I structure these findings with a personalized pedagogy?
– What are some misconceptions that teachers / students have about personalized learning that could be dispelled with this sharing?

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