Further thoughts on my action plan

I have had many conversations about my action plan with teachers and administrators from my school and from other schools (former colleagues, friends, and participants I met at an AP conference a couple of weeks ago). Particularly interesting to me were the three group discussions I conducted during prep periods with colleagues fortunate enough to find themselves sharing a prep… Read more →

Action Plan: Collecting Evidence of Observations and Conversations

I wanted my action plan to be a service project for teachers at my school. I want to examine tools available to help collect evidence of observations and conversations as part of assessment and evaluation required by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. All of the members of this Cohort21 work in independent schools in Ontario. Any of us who… Read more →

Students and Technology

I have couple of lingering thoughts regarding students after today’s face to face. Students and privacy: I am interested in finding out what policies some school have developed around students publishing school work online (for example on youtube). As one of the yearbook advisors at my school as well as a media club advisor, these issues of privacy are very important… Read more →

About Me

I am a Chemistry, Physics and Math teacher. I have been teaching at Bayview Glen School since 2005. Prior to that, I spent four years at Damascus Community School in Damascus, Syria, and two years at Western Canada High School in Calgary, Alberta. I am excited to be a part of Cohort 21, a community of CIS teachers built on a… Read more →

Hello world!

Welcome to Cohort 21 The Cohort 21 Network. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Cohort 21 is a unique professional development opportunity open to teachers and school leaders who are seeking to build a learning network amongst CIS Ontario member schools. The Cohort 21 community will be built on a foundation of collaboration and… Read more →