Cohort Face2Face Three – lots to go on!

our wallwisher

I feel good about my refined Action Plan. In our focus groups this morning, it became clear that the managing qualitative data is a challenge for all lots of people. We shared some of our thoughts on WallWisher while we were having our face to face discussion.

Then over lunch, Jen Bibby mentioned the paper version her school uses for observations, I will make sure to follow up with her to get a copy of that file.

During afternoon conversations, Su Armstrong and Marcie Lewis talked about how they use a Livescribe pen. It really seems like something that may do what I need. I’ll stop at Future Shop on the way home. 🙂 Then it will be time to play with Livescribe and Evernote.

I want to be sure to connect Su Armstrong and Rita Pak with Ed Hitchcock from my school. I think he will have lots of ideas that will help them with their Action Plans.

I want to talk to Tim Hutton and Josh Fraser because I overheard them discussing Blackbaud and FAWeb for more than just marks and attendance. We have this software at my school so I should look into it.

I will blog about how I have used Blackboard discussion boards and journals soon!


2 thoughts on “Cohort Face2Face Three – lots to go on!

  1. It was great to see this weekend, and I think that you were able to make deeper connections this F2F to really get to the heart of your action plan.

    Thanks for great sharing – and keep me posted on Livescribe!

    I look forward to more soon,

  2. Melody – I applaud your desire to find a workable program that will address the “observations and conversations” part of assessment. This is no easy task and certainly a challenge to address when working with the Growing Success document and its desired outcomes. I would love to see the Ministry’s response to your findings. Good luck with this initiative!

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