Monthly Archives: November 2017


Every year I have gifted and/or extremely strong students walk through my classroom door. Although I always make an effort to differentiate my program I struggle with keeping this group engaged and following through on their assignments. I have tried both accelerating and enriching the program. I feel pretty good about our math program right now but am always open to suggestions. I would like to see if bringing more project based learning into the program could ignite a greater interest in learning, and keep motivations high enough to see things through to completion. My greatest concern is that my program remains manageable while meeting the needs of the lowest performing students and engaging the highest.

Some questions I would like to explore are:

  • How can I use project based learning to engage more students?
  • What can I put in place to help the children be reasonably independent?
  • How can I help students see independent projects through to completion?
  • How much time should be allocated towards project based learning?
  • Which project based skills will be most valuable to teach grade 2 students?
  • How can I make these changes manageable?

Lots to think about before Saturday!