What is the role of technology?

What is the Role of Technology in my Classroom?

This is a critical question that each educator needs to ask him/herself as we collectively embark on working towards integrating technology in our classrooms for students to acquire information and demonstrate their learning. Inspired by the first Face 2 Face session with Cohort 21, I am reflecting on how this applies in my Senior Kindergarten classroom in the following ways:

  • How are young learners able to absorb information presented to them through technology?
  • How are young learners able to independently use technology to acquire information?
  • How much time should be dedicated to working with technology in the kindergarten classroom?
  • How are the attention spans of the students reflected and/or impacted by the use of technology in the classroom?
  • Am I, as a teacher, maximizing opportunities for students to be using technology?

What does Techology Currently Look Like in My Classroom?

As I stood in a room full of educators at our first Face 2 Face session and we had to place ourselves on a scale of how much students use technology in our classrooms, I realized that my students currently use it much less than students in other grades at other schools. I also realized that it does not match my ideals for amount of time spent with technology.

As currently structured, the Smart Board is used daily for our morning routine and there is often one or two lessons/videos that we use the Smart Board for as well. Time on the classroom computer is available during free play every afternoon, but there are often weeks where none of the students select this option. Whether or not this is a function of my scheduling or of their interests, I am keen to find out!

My Current Goals

As I look forward to implementing exciting projects that utilize accessible technology in the classroom, I will be observing and reflecting on the ways that children already are using the technology in the classroom, both self-directed and teacher-directed. Hopefully, this will give me some anecdotal evidence that will help me make informed decisions to best meet the needs of my students. An exciting journey, to be sure!

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4 Responses to What is the role of technology?

  1. Great Post Jessica! You’ve outlined important issues, but have also looked at where you stand within this important disussion. I strongly suggest that you check out our Google+ community, and Allison’s recent post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116995583845218552584/posts

    I particularly was struck by “Am I, as a teacher, maximizing opportunities for students to be using technology?” In answering this question consider: how do you know what EdTech is out there? and What is the purpose of bringing that EdTech to my students…

    It’d be great for you to put in your two cents!

    Thanks for the great post,

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Garth, for directing me to that article that Allison posted!

      I think sifting through all of the edtech independently is a daunting task, but I think that through this kind of PLN that you are creating with Cohort 21, and that we can create on our own, we can discover tools that are out there that fit our pedagogy and goals we each have for our students! I am cautious of wanting to use technology for technology’s sake, but do think it’s important to view any given edtech tool from a variety of angles

  2. Hey Jessica,

    Some of your questions remind me of queries a past Cohort participant was wondering about. You can read her blog here http://cohort21.com/laurajohnson/ (even though Laura doesn’t really blog about these questions, it might be a good way to connect to her)…@laurajohnson teachers SK at The Mabin School and was pondering the role and place of technology for young people (how to best leverage it, what is appropriate, what is not developmentally recommended). While she didn’t focus on these questions for her action plan, she has a brain worth picking, for sure!

    Great reading these questions! Thanks for a great post.

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