Reflections on the 2nd F2F

It has now been almost three weeks since my first Face 2 Face session with Cohort 21, and I can honestly say that I am still in awe of the entire experience.

Like most people, when I drive, I listen to the radio. When I left The York School on Saturday afternoon and got in my car, I immediately had to turn off the music. It felt like my brain was in overdrive mode – it was swirling with thousands of thoughts and impressions of the day, and it desperately needed a break. I drove the whole hour-long drive back home in silence, and yet it didn’t feel like silence, as I simply could not shut my brain off.

As Garth and Justin went over some details about being a member of the Cohort, they mentioned the idea of taking what you can from the experience, a bit like drinking from a fire hose. I thought of this video of Dante, so overjoyed to find a lawn sprinkler, and lapping up every bit of delicious, cold water that he can:


Like Dante drinking the water, I want to take as much from this experience as possible. I have an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the most dedicated and talented educators I’ve ever met, I am learning tools and ways of thinking that will make be a better teacher, and I am given a chance to really reflect on my practice, which is so often neglected in the day to day busyness of life at an independent school. As a case in point: it has taken me three weeks to write this blog post. Here’s to not taking three weeks for the next one!