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Mindfulness Bottles


My Design and Build co-curricular group made these mindfulness bottles. When students are feeling upset or anxious they shake one and breath deeply as they watch the glitter and gems settle to the bottom. Students made one for each classroom in the Junior school and there is one for each table group in the Grade 4 classroom.

The process:

The bottles were purchased from Michael’s. They are plastic so that they won’t break if they drop.

Fill bottle with one bottle of clear glue (Dollarama sells 177 mL bottles for $1.25 that work perfectly)

Place a tablespoon of glitter inside the bottle.

Add gems and food colouring (if desired).

Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water.

Hot glue cap to the bottle.


Students created labels for the mindfulness bottles with permanent vinyl using a Cricut machine.



I have been using these mindfulness bottles in my classroom for the last month. Students really enjoy shaking them and watching them settle, but I’d like to see students being more “mindful” when they use them.

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  1. Eric Daigle


    Clearly I responded too soon on your last blog. These are AM?AZING! What a wonderful idea to have mindfulness bottles.

    I think you are onto something here. And I would bet that the students were more mindful while making them. Perhaps something could be done where the students create more of these for other classes, or other schools. Often the act of making and giving helps to self-regulate by virtue of it being an unselfish act.

    Well done!

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