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How might we?

I have arrived at the following question:

How might we teach Junior School students self-regulation strategies to help them reduce their anxiety? 

I chose to focus on this question because I have noticed an increase in student anxiety in recent years. Interestingly, I have noticed my own anxiety increase during that time as well so teaching students strategies to help reduce their anxiety will likely help reduce mine too.

Here is my action plan road map:


I appreciate all of the feedback I received from teachers at other schools at the last face to face session.

These suggestions have given me a lot to think about. I’m going to start by asking students if they know what anxiety feels like and what is making them anxious (if anything).

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  1. Hello Heather (@hr),

    Starting by asking the students how they feel is the surest way to empathize and understand why they might be anxious. As educators, we must always start with the learner. I say “might” because although I’ve read many of the latest reports on the rise of student anxiety, I often wonder if this is yet another adult projection. Are they really anxious about life, or does their worry stem from something larger? Is it coming from parents, technology, the system of schooling, all of the above?

    Some cultural things can’t be solved. But co-creating strategies for self-regulation is not only a wonderful skill for students to have, I would argue it is exactly what education is for. Creating a safe and nurturing environment where children feel safe to express themselves is the purpose of school. These are noble pursuits and ones in which all parties will benefit.

    Start with small strategies and work upwards. A safe place in the room. Special cards that can be raised to represent feelings. A wall of SEL words that can be utilized by students who may feel at a loss to describe what is going on.

    I wish you all the best with this absolutely vital HMW question.


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