Cohort 21 Highlight

Since its inception in 2012, the mission of Cohort 21 has been to build a community of passionate CIS Ontario educators interested in refining and redesigning their practice by exploring new pedagogies, ideas and tools. This professional learning experience has always been for those ready and willing to engage in professional and personal growth. Those who had the capacity and were looking for professional connections sought out Cohort 21 and made the time and space to engage with this year-long, action-oriented PLC.

As all CIS Ontario schools prepare for the 2023–2024 academic year, some challenges and opportunities lie ahead, such as:

  • AI in Education: CIS Ontario has hosted three sessions on the disruption of Chat GPT and how schools are responding;
  • Wellbeing strategy and tactics for students and faculty, and how to bring in parents as partners;
  • Truth and Reconciliation in the classroom, the school and community, and integrating Indigenous ways of knowing, learning and leading towards the common good;
  • Experiential Education and Global Mindedness to reduce polarization and increase critical thinking to solve the world’s biggest challenges

And these are JUST a few. What questions are you asking about your classroom, your students? What is your school wrestling with, and how can your teachers help?

These challenges and the continuing legacy of COVID-19 have revealed and amplified the importance of professional learning networks and their ability to support and lift educators up when they need it the most.

Cohort 21 can be a place for educators to consider, explore, share and learn with other CIS Ontario educators to develop a strategy, a way forward, within your school. This unique professional learning community (PLC) is the perfect place for new and veteran teachers to accelerate their growth and connect with other educators passionate about professional inquiry and action.

In Season 12 we hope to bring educators together from across the CIS Ontario community. Schools are encouraged to send more than one educator from their school if they are working on a school-wide initiative. Curriculum leaders are also encouraged to be involved and are invited to each of the F2F sessions.

Learn More and Express Your Interest

If you are interested, please start planning nowClick the link below to discover the cost, the dates, the commitment and more about the community. As well, please fill out the short ‘Expression of Interest’ form.

The formal registration will be released in August. Look for it in your inbox.

Want to know even more? Watch our Behind-The-Scenes video!

Cohort 21 Highlight

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.


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