Here we go!! It is hard to believe Cohort 21 – Season SIX is here and the first face to face session is finally upon us. This day is designed around three main learning goals.

  1. Learn and get familiar with the Cohort 21 toolkit (Your C21 Blog, C21 social network, Google + and Twitter,)
  2. Get connected with each other and this new community. Learn about each other. Leave excited & engaged.
  3. Learn about the Cohort 21 “Action Plan” process and your learning roadmap for the year.

Each face to face session is unique in its purpose and design. At the start of each session all notes, slides and resources will be posted here and available for all to see and share. Nothing is hidden. Everything is open, sharable and free.We hope you enjoy the day and looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months.

Welcome aboard!



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