As we prepare for our final F2F session at Havergal College on April 21st, you, our participants, are crafting your ‘Here is where I am‘ posts. This is a time of deep reflection, and an external pressure to consider “where is here?” anyway. So this quick post is meant to serve as inspiration to take a deep breath…

‘Here is where I am’ is a generative prompt that inspires our participants to consider:

  1. Here is where I am in my thinking
  2. Here is where I am in my teaching
  3. Here is where I am in my classroom
  4. Here is where I am in my action plan
  5. Here is where I am in my challenge
  6. And more…

You see, the final F2F isn’t about arriving at some quantifiable data, justifying a hypothesis, or publishing a definitive blog on all things personalized learning or on Edtech integration.  This is about taking a moment to think about how one’s teaching, philosophy, pedagogical approaches and otherwise have been shifted. It’s about considering how the network of colleagues have inspired shifts in your own approaches and thinking.

So, to all of our participants, help us make this day the most useful for you by posting your blog and telling us “Here is where I am…”

See you soon,

The Cohort 21 Team

One thought on “The End of the Beginning: April 21st

  1. “Here is where I am…” It would be interesting to add a reflection on how far I have come. How much has the Cohort experience shifted the teaching and learning approach?

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