Opening Address Steve Beatty RSGC
Being welcomed by RSGC Headmaster Steve Beatty

¬†What an exciting end to the beginning for all of our 2013-1014 Cohort 21 members. Prior to arriving at our generous host for our final F2F Royal St. Georges’ College, there were creative digital juices flowing as the Action Plans were posted: Prezi, YouTube, PowToons, and the list goes on. This highlights one of the key characteristics of Cohort 21 – that each member has a unique experience, a unique action plan, and a unique expression of their journey. As Garth noted, this was not a time of drawing conclusions or publishing results, but rather a time of reflection, celebration, and of charting the route ahead: the end of the beginning of the new journey in teaching, and of being a member of Cohort 21. The session started with a warm welcome from Steve Beatty, Head of RSGC, and a special thanks goes out to Michael Ruscetti as well for hosting Cohort 21 throughout the day in this busy and dynamic school. To follow the events of the day, check out the Google Presentation:




SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS WERE: 1) Having teachers and students of RSGC using the same space as we were, and seeing all the members in action. 2) Witnessing how quickly our Cohort 21 community reconnected with strong sharing, support and critique of each other’s work. “Out of small connections, comes a wide network of inspiration and support” 3) Discussing the role that Technology plays in our teaching, classroom, and school communities both now and in the future 4) ¬†Taking time to reflect on our successes, and how just showing up means that we are ready to continue the journey and to shift our practice 5) The final celebration and ‘cheers’!

WHERE TO NEXT: One thing that Justin and Garth were emphasizing was the importance of continue to remain connected with the Cohort. Members can do this by: – Recommending a colleague to check out the site – Recommending a colleague to their curriculum leader for 2014-2015 – Presenting their Action Plan to colleagues, admin or as a professional development session at their school – Continue to publish to the blog, tweet to the twittersphere, contribute to our Google+ community, add to the Diigo resources

STAY TUNED FOR: – Dates and sites for Cohort 21 2014-2015 – Archived Action Plans posted on the site (now up – check them out HERE) – Updates on our work with MaRS We want our members to understand that they are now part of the Cohort, and can come and go, inquire and support, engage and publish at any time. We, as a growing Cohort of inspiring educators, want to hear from you – we want your questions and answers! Best for an excellent end of year, and never stop learning, Cohort 21 Team

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