Tonight (April 16th, 2014) we had a great conversation with Anthony Chuter, Tim Rollwagen, Justin Medved and Garth Nichols. It covered the range of what Digital Citizenship is, and what an effective scope and sequence would be to integrate it into our schools’ culture, and specific strategies to help shift the culture to take away fear from the web and its engagement in students’ education, and shift it to one of positivity and excitement within a safe space.


We covered the following questions:

1) What role does Digital Citizenship (DC) play in your role as a teacher, and someone who works with teachers?

2) What is your definition of DC?
* What are some essential understandings/misunderstandings of DC

3) What are some of your successes as an ICT teacher with implementing effective DC?

4) What are some strategies that you’ve found successful with teachers and students?

5) Can you comment on the role of DC skills to our students and teachers alike with regards to the future of education?


If you have any comments, questions or ideas, please add them to the comments below!


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