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Registration closes this Friday, the 27th, and already we have some great, interesting individuals signed up! This is very exciting for the coming year in Cohort 21. So far we have 17 different schools, from as close as The York School and RSGC, to as far flung as Ashbury and Lakefield.We have 3 technology coaches, we have 4 teachers from the Junior/Elementary panel, as well as 3 French teachers, 3 academic resource teachers, as well as Math and English teachers as well. This underscores one of the key characterist

ics of Cohort 21 – it is not locked in to one single discipline, or grade panel. It is a focus group for teaching in general, and teaching with an eye to the future. If you’re interested in what this could be for you, I urge you to watch this video, and check out the member blogs from last year!

New this year, we are going to add 3 facilitators (Jen Bibby from RSGC, Celeste Kirsh from BSS, and Adam Caplan from St, Clements). They will help to deepen our conversations during the F2F sessions as well as host Google Hangouts to help bring the Cohort together between the F2F sessions. Their experience in Cohort 21 last year is invaluable as they will bring the culture and disposition of openness and sharing-to-learn to this year’s cohort. We have lots more in store as well. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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