On the evening of April 17th seven Cohort 21 members experienced the power of Google Hangout  for collaboration and planning.
Below is the archive of the session. Over the thirty eight minutes Garth and I looked for feedback on some of the ideas we had for the final face to face session coming up on Saturday April 27th. It was an extremely valuable session, one that we will certainly incorporate much more into next years cohort. Enjoy the recap 🙂


One thought on “Planning and Sharing using Google Hangout

  1. Sorry I missed the hangout — I guess I couldn’t find it because it didn’t have google+, just gmail — I’ve got google+ now.

    Personally, I think we could benefit from hearing everyone’s action plan. Even if three people presented on personalized learning network — their three take-aways and cohort21 reflection would be unique.

    I do think Marcie’s idea of pooling take-aways by subgroups is a great idea.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

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