Time flies in the world of teaching. Can you believe we are almost at March break? It has been just over a month since our third face 2 face session and Cohort 21 members have been busy implementing their action plans. A quick look at our recent post blog feed will reveal a snapshot of some of the many interesting and innovative learning experiences our students are going through. For us a facilitators it is wonderful to read the reflections and follow along with your thinking. We are slowly commenting on all the posts however rest assured it you write it, we will read it 🙂

Some Blogging Highlights:
Melody has been exploring “Growing Success” and how technology can help facilitate assessment  for, of and as learning.
Derek has been experimenting with technology (like Google Moderator and Wallwisher) to provide for a more rich array of student ownership and choice in the classroom
Ruth has been exploring a myriad of ways to deepen students’ understanding of math literacy, and a personalized, inquiry based approach
Celeste is actively flipping her class using videos uploaded to YouTube (yes, you can see her teach literacy!), and actively reflecting on the costs and benefits to students that she teaches

We’ve also had some members comment on the blogs of others, and we encourage you to do more of this, as this fosters engagement and momentum! Positive Feedback works. Hence:

yfh1) Recall who you were working with at SCS,
who did you leave wanting to stay in touch with,
and read their blogs and comment on them.
2) Tweet your action plan to @cohort21 or tospecific members to get them engaging with you
3) Send a link to your blog to your colleagues,
administrators, or friends and get them to give you
4) Write a new post and engage others through

** Notice we’ve suggested writing the blog as not the first way to connect. It can be daunting to start with a post, so don’t…

We are excited to announce that the final Face 2 Face session is Saturday April 27th @ Royal St.Georges College (newly renovated).

→ The session will run from 9:30 to Noon, and then we’ll head to a pub/restaurant for a Cohort 21 social.

→ More info to follow on what and how you will be asked to share you Action Plan reflections. REMEMBER: there is no need to arrive a conclusion, or present data and findings. This is a journey, not a destination…………….


Professional Development Opportunity:

CONNECT 2013 will create a unique opportunity for educators, administrators, and technology specialists to CONNECT and engage with peers from across Canada with the goal of exploring how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

They are looking for presenters, and we think any of you could add a wonderful, rich and important piece to this educational technology puzzle! Go for it!

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