Jan Campbell
CIS Ontario Director

Cohort 21 is a unique professional development opportunity open to teachers and school leaders who are seeking to build a learning network amongst CIS Ontario member schools. The Cohort 21 community will be built on a foundation of collaboration and innovation and together, will investigate and refine 21st century teaching and learning best practices through the rich experience of “learning by doing”. Cohort 21 members will be reading, writing, reflecting and publishing their thoughts on-line as well as actively participating in four face-to-face sessions throughout the school year. Educators from all CIS Ontario schools, in all divisions and grade levels, are encouraged to apply.

Program Details

Cost: $500 per school with a maximum of two participants per school. The cost will cover the four face-to-face meetings as well as ensure a year long membership in the Cohort 21 online community.

Participant Responsibilities

1. Participants must be willing to engage in regular dialog with other cohort members in an on-line community.

2. Participants will attend four face-to-face sessions planned for Saturdays in Toronto throughout the year.

Cohort 21 Face-2-Face dates are:

October 20, 2012, November 24, 2012, January 26, 2013, and April 27, 2013.

3. Cohort 21 members will bring back to their schools innovative best practices and share with their colleagues collaborative forward thinking about what it means to be a teacher in the 21st century.

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